Ying & Yang by Dylan trumbull


So how did this thing start that is called Yin & Yang that some people might have seen on G's insta.

Well myself and a buddy Garrett Aanestad both have a grad class at a University on Thursday nights. Unfortunately mine only meets on campus every other week but on the first day of class we met up early on a campus bench to just catch up and find out what is going on with each other's lives.

Garrett works before and comes straight to class with no time to change so he is dressed in his suit, myself quite different….. that is where we came up with Yin & Yang. Yin & Yang comes from a third century (or even before) Chinese philosophy that all things are opposites. The web uses the examples like Male-Female, Old-Young, and Dark-Light. So the next time we were both on campus we added a refreshment and thought Yin & Yang was a great way to describe us… someone in a suit and someone casually dressed.


So each week that we are both on campus we meet up an hour plus before class and find somewhere new around the campus to chat and document our Ying & Yang photo.


Send me a message if you are in the area and care to join us, every other Thursday we have refreshments and catch up.


A good way to roll in the weekend.

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brewhahas and some tacos by Dylan trumbull

Puesto tacos in Irvine.


“anywhere good around here to have a beer and chat?” –buddy

my answer eh, it’s Irvine…


but just a couple weeks ago went to this spot near the Irvine Spectrum. Boujee mexico place, but a good spot during happy hour that starts at 3 and taco Tuesday starting also at three. A spot to have some brewchachas, have some chips and catch up. When you walk in head out to the outside bar on a good weather day.




coffee and gammon by Dylan trumbull


Started off this Tuesday morning with a nice coffee and backgammon sesh with two of the boys. Backgammon which is said to be one of the oldest board games known is a two player game that combines strategy, having some hot hands to roll some of those good combos.


A little french press with some Guatemala beans from sight glass I picked up at Daydream surf shop in Costa Mesa, CA. Daydream surf shop sells things from those surfing boards to speciality coffee. Go give them a check out, always real nice people in there and very welcoming.


Nice way to start off the morning playing your buddies in backgammon, sipping on some warm coffee, and all while doing this giving the ears some groovy tunes.

Costa Mesa, CA- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uac3sVlkv4&t=113s


also check out-

Sylvan Esso \\ Song: Coffee



Nike Vintage Waffle Racers by Dylan trumbull

My go to shoes have been the Nike Waffle Racers. 


 I saw them and the memories started to rush back because my dad wore them back in the day, I had to get them.

A comfortable and casual shoe that can be dressed up or down (or at least I have). A great shoe that every time I wear them there seems to always be a “Hey, look at your shoes” or “WOW my dad used to wear those”  or “I like those a lot”. For the short time I have had these I already know I will be getting another pair.

The 1977 shoe that ruined a wife’s waffle iron. The story of the Waffle Racers is one for the books, so if you don’t know about it check it out. But a fun fact to share to your friends next time you see someone wearing these bad boys (which everyone should) say “Did you know those soles were first made out of a household waffle iron!?)


6’4 Deepest Reaches Pick Up by Dylan trumbull

Today I picked up a Deepest Reaches board 6’4 single fin. Deepest Reaches out of Irvine, California. Kyle Albers shapes these beautiful boards. I have a custom pizza box model coming in 6-8 weeks. Stoked.


Check out his boards and even sometimes on craigslist he will put up a few. Great guy give him a hauler.



Camping at San Clemente by Dylan trumbull


On Friday the 8th I packed up the car and headed down to exit Avenue Calafia.

Calafia is were San Clemente State Beach is. I have camped there since a young gun and now my buddies enjoy a nice camp. 

San Clemente sits above the water right on the bluffs and has two easy paved paths down to the beach. It sits between Lowers/Cottons and T Street/Pier.

Usually we have scored some great surf but we did not this time so Saturday morning the boards stayed in the car and we headed to grab some coffee and breakfast.


Even though we didn’t score pumping surf and are arms were not feeling like jello from so many sessions, this trip was fun for me because it was the first time I got to use my Poler two man tent. Easy, easy set up with a good amount of space inside even with cots to sleep on. Depending which one you picked out you got a fun pop of color/design that you don’t see people with. Head turner were ever you find yourself.

Before I had a tent that ruined my whole camping trips because I didn’t want to set it up because it took so much time and cause me so much stress. I would still be setting up when everyone else was long done and I would miss out on stuff. On top of everything else it after it took up so much room to store. So do your organized mother a favor and get a Poler two man tent that does not take up a lot of space. I would recommend this to anyone.


get out there and camp on!





4 days at Gavlak Gallery in West Hollywood. by Dylan trumbull

This week Wednesday through Saturday I am up in LA at Gavlak Gallery. I was asked to be a front desk man while the team here is in Florida for the big Art Fair, Art Basel. 

I was asked by an art student friend from undergrad of mine who works here at Gavlak Gallery. So it was time for me to dust off the art world talk and head up to LA. I am having a great time and glad to be back apart of the art world because after undergrad I have been minimally involved or around it (due to medical reasons/change of direction)


Currently Gavlak has on display Michael John Kelly until December 22nd. Kelly is an LA based artist who has primarily paintings but also has 2 video pieces and a sculpture. Kelly’s paintings combine digital imaging with painting. 


At the gallery one of the days I was wearing all JCrew. I had JCrews blue gingham button down shirt, JCrew navy chino pants, and a JCrew grey crew neck sweater. I wrapped it all of with some non JCrew Cole Haan black Grand Wingtip Oxford. Cole Haan partners with Nike so the soles are so comfortable. Feels like your wearing clouds on your feet.

Tejava Orignal Black Tea. I bought it from the market so I had company during the day. Hard though to not drink it so quick!

Tejava Orignal Black Tea. I bought it from the market so I had company during the day. Hard though to not drink it so quick!

ØriginalGrand Wingtip Oxford

ØriginalGrand Wingtip Oxford

JCrew blue gingham shirt

JCrew blue gingham shirt

J Crew Lambswool Sweater.

J Crew Lambswool Sweater.