Did the surfing thingy and ended with a cool coffee shop! / by Dylan trumbull


With Orange Country surf firing the last couple days a buddy and I did a little morning ocean dip-a-rooski before he needed to get into the office.



Surfed HB at 15th street. Warm water, some size, and amazing weather. A great way to start the morning off and for me. Earlier morning/something active more likely to get me being productive during the whole day too! Good company, good waves and just an all-around good time. When I surf, I tend to just find or try and get a “worth it wave”. A “worth it wave” for me is a wave that makes the whole session worth it. I don’t need to get a crazy huge barrel, fatty air, or what have you to make a session…. Just a fun little wave is ok with me. Surfing and getting wet doesn’t need to be a stressful time for me… just getting wet, having a good time and for me recently especially just being able to still be in the water.


 Got an hour+ session in the water and after headed to get a warm cup of coffee.


That place to get the warm cup of coffee was a spot in Costa Mesa called Common Room Roasters. First time I have ever been there and loved the vibe. I am not a huge coffee drinker for the caffeine to get me through my days but I like something warm, the taste and the potential social around drinking a cup. Common Room Roasters not only has a great cup of coffee but also a great vibie spot. Whether your coming in just for a quick cup or coming in and staying doing some personal work or reading a book. Not just a great tasting cup of coffee but the shop is designed so well and has a good amount of space to hang and grab a table.


I will be heading back there many times for sure.